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Despite its possible benefits and in part because of its definite weirdness, bundling fell out of fashion at the turn of the 19th century.

William Bingly in his travelogue described how the “lover steals, under the shadow of the night, to the bed of the fair one, into which (retaining an essential part of his dress) he is admitted without any shyness or reserve.” In the heyday of bundling, ideas surrounding marriage and bedrooms were far removed from the privacy we currently hold dear.

But not everyone was in favor of letting their kids sleep in a bed with the opposite sex.

Bundling drew ire from contemporary religious leaders and later from historians in Victorian England.

Boys and girls begin their search for a spouse when they turn sixteen.

By the time a young woman turns twenty or a young man is in his early twenties, he or she is probably looking forward to the wedding day.

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